How do I Stop Harassing Callers and how does it work?

When someone decides to call and harass you by phone, they are probably calling from a Blocked ID or Private Number. Well as you know, you can’t block a Caller ID from reaching your cellular voice mail. You can set your phone up to not ring or recognize the call, but it still goes to voice mail. In order to catch these persons you need a way to unblock their number. This requires a “real time automatic number identifier”, “ANI” for short. It is the same technology used by all Police and Fire Departments. We have this capability here at TennesseeFTA

Here is how we catch them... First you need to contact TennesseeFTA and advise a staff member of your problem. Once we have received confirmation of payment, we will instruct you to “Call Forward” your home phone or cellular phone to our “Trap Line” we have setup for stopping and catching harassing callers. There are several options from here, in which one plan can be a bit more expensive.
The least expensive is a Standard Harassing Caller Trap. The other is to forward the trap line back to your phone. You will continue to receive calls as normal. We recommend you curb your usage of this phone as calls will be charged by the minute for this plan.
This is a Comprehensive Harassing Caller Trap.

“You will be charged an additional fee for this forwarding”.

Depending on which trap setup we use, the following will occur.
We will instruct you to forward and then un-forward your phone within an agreed time frame. This usually takes place during the time you go to bed and until you get up the next morning. We will call you or email you with the data that came into our trap system. If your phone was forwarded back to your phone during a Comprehensive Harassing Caller Trap, you will need to call our office and give your area code and telephone number, the time of the incoming harassing call and we will locate the data and send the caller information to your email and or text message capable phone

The other option is to forward your number and wait until the agreed time passes and then
un-forward your phone, we will then forward any data after the time frame has ended. If your caller does not call, we will repeat the procedure up to (seven days) until they have been trapped.

Additional fees will be applied if you should decide to have us identify the owner of the phone Reverse Lookup.
This fee will may vary depending on whether you have multiple Harassing Callers.

No more worrying and wondering who it is. TennesseeFTA is on the job!
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