More on How to Stop Harassing Callers

Harassing Callers tend to make calls during late nights or early mornings. In order to catch this person we would need to know the approximate time frame of when the Harassing calls are occurring. If they are randomly occurring, then a more Comprehensive Harassing Caller Trap maybe required. If it is determined after conferencing with one of our representatives, any fees paid for the $40 Phone Trap will apply to the Comprehensive Harassing Caller Trap.

How does it work?
We redirect your phone calls through our switch that unblocks all calls.

How much does it cost?
For the standard Harassing Caller Trap it cost $40

Why do I need “Call Forwarding”?
In order for us to redirect your calls you need to forward them to the number we provide for you.

Does it cost my callers anything to call me once my phone is forwarded?
It does not cost your callers anything, no long distance charges will apply. But depending on your plan you may be charged for additional calls while being trapped.

How will I get my calls when my phone is forwarded?
You will not receive calls while setup on the Standard Harassing Caller Trap. To continue receiving calls you will need to upgrade to a Comprehensive Harassing Caller Trap plan.      (This plan incurs additional fees)

How much is the Comprehensive Trap?
It cost $150 for the first 5 days. $20 for each additional day.

How will I know when you catch my Harassing Caller?
You will need a “valid email” to purchase any Phone Caller Trap Plan. A representative will contact you by email and supply you with the number that is harassing you after the designated time frame expires..

So when you catch my caller, how do I begin to find out this person’s name?
Simple, upon request and purchase of a Reverse Lookup we will provide you with a name and address to the phone number. If you choose to prosecute them you will certainly need that Reverse Lookup data.

How much does the Reverse Lookup cost?
It cost $79. (you may have multiple offenders so additional fees may apply) Each Trap is different with different results so expenses or charges may vary.

                 You will always know what you fees are going to be.