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TennesseeFTA is a locator business. We locate persons for many different reasons. Fugitives and Runaways are a similar type of work requiring a “door to door” approach and continuous pressure on the streets of the areas where the subject was last seen. Runaways are a very serious and growing problem around Tennessee and the United States leaving a million and a half children walking the streets often alone and or frequenting dangerous and unsafe environments while on the run, leaving families and loved ones devastated for weeks and sometimes months. TennesseeFTA has recovered many runaways and will continue to assist families in the hunt for their loved ones. If you know of a “Runaway” or have a person in your family that has runaway or left home without telling anyone where they were going, please do not hesitate call us as soon as possible. We will respond immediately.


Call 615-752-2186 or email director@tennesseefta.com