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  • "There is nothing like the hunting of man... For those who have hunted armed men and liked it,
    really don't care for anything else"...

    Ernest Hemingway
    “Bail Enforcement Bounty Hunter Class Announcement”
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  • TennesseeFTA offers a Bounty Hunter Class. Contact us at if you have any questions.
     This Class will supply you with the general knowledge of how the Bail system operates, to include Bail Laws and Civil Issues to be expected while performing this job. TennesseeFTA will give you the confidence needed to bounty hunt and advance your possibilities of success after you have been to a TAPBA Class that did not fully prepare you.
    TennesseeFTA’s class enables “new and semi-experienced hunters” to get answers to questions they need after leaving the TAPBA class that was not so bounty hunting oriented or did not supply ample and important knowledge needed to begin. TennesseeFTA’s Training Certificate “Will Not” give you the state required authorization needed to hunt in Tennessee legally. TennesseeFTA is an educational preparation course. Sign up and take the TAPBA Class and get your authorization which will cost you about $240.
  • Our class will cover all the aspects and extended general knowledge needed before hitting the streets on a hunt.

    We guaranteed with confidence, that after attending and studying this class, you’ll receive the necessary skills and educational tools to comfortably began working on your dream of being a “Bounty Hunter.”  Click to enroll in a Class

    To educate a man in mind and not in morals, is to educate a menace to society.
    Theodore Roosevelt